Best BMX Bikes 2020 Review

BMX bicycles are still one of the most popular types of bicycles today. Kids, teenagers, and adults are all equally captivated by them, ever since their inception in the ’70s. Now, there are various types of BMX bikes, each with a specific build quality and design to fit different riding styles and requirements.

The obvious dilemma is choosing the best bmx bike for you or someone you know. With so many choices out there, it can be a daunting task. That’s why, to save you time and money, we’ve compiled a list of the top bmx bikes for kids and adults, as well as a few helpful buying tips.

16 Best BMX Bikes Review

As promised, here are some of the best BMX bikes for kids, teenagers, and adults on the market today.

Redline Bikes Proline Youth BMX Race Bike

The Redline Bikes Proline Youth BMX Race Bike features an all-black finish with a blue accent and ‘REDLINE’ decals. It’s the perfect BMX bike for riders who enjoy low-key attention, without standing out too much from the crowd.

If you don’t know what to buy a kid who’s just starting to discover street or freestyle BMX riding, the Proline Pitboss is a good option. It’s the best bmx bike for kids who are ages 5 to 8, with a height ranging from 3’7” to 4’6” (109.22 to 137.16 centimeters).

The frame is butted and made of aluminum alloy, making it light and strong, without sacrificing stiffness. The integrated head tube and sealed Euro bottom gives a clean, flush look and ensure years of use.

The Proline Pitboss’ Vee Speedster tires (16 x 2 inches) have enough grip and traction on any terrain, from extremely rough surface to soft soil. And, it has easy-to-activate Tektro 926AL linear pull brakes and brake levers that offer plenty of stopping power when you need it.


  • A good starter BMX bike for kids before they hit the race track with a 20-inch BMX bike
  • A quality bike for the affordable price
  • Relatively light at 14 pounds
  • Perfect for riders who want a bike that looks good, without attracting too much attention


  • Uncomfortable plastic seat
  • The seatpost, which is attached to the hard, plastic seat, needs replacing.

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike

Looking for a super affordable but quality BMX bike? The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike is probably one of the most awesome bmx bikes, especially for riders who are 4’8” – 5’4” tall. It’s available in orange and silver, complete with Mongoose’s head tube badge.

Mongoose equipped this bike with sturdy and easy-to-operate components that can support a host of tricks and withstand rough use: hi-ten 7.75” handlebars with detangler (to allow bar spins), 4 freestyle pegs, and durable high-tensile steel frame and fork.

The Legion Mag has 20 x 2.3 inches tires on corrosion-resistant and stable cast aluminum wheels. The tires have a round profile and knobby surface that provide the best traction for cornering, without losing speed. You can take this bike for a ride on city streets, park roads, and dirt trails.

The Legion Mag features U-brakes for a more secure stop. However, if you do a lot of spinning, this may not be the best type of brakes for your needs.


  • Relatively easy to assemble, if you have the right tools
  • Offers plenty of room for most riders to grow
  • Great color and sharp design
  • Gives smooth and fast rides on different road surfaces


  • Brake pads need adjustments before using this bike
  • Couldn’t get air into the front tire

X-Games FS20 Freestyle

Freestyle riding on a BMX bike doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re looking for a budget BMX bike for beginners, try the X-Games FS20 Freestyle. It’s appropriate for children and teens, ages 8 to 14, who don’t mind owning a cool-looking BMX bike with a matte black finish and red accents.

The FS20 Freestyle has a steel frame and fork that’s TIG-welded, which gives cleaner, more precise, and stronger joints. The 4-bolt alloy stem makes sure the handlebars won’t slide all over and allow you to apply more torque for faster acceleration. The handlebars can do a 360-degree rotation, while the front and rear pegs are great for experienced riders to show off their tricks.

The heavy-duty tires (20 x 1.95 inches) offer great off-road cornering traction and low rolling resistance for faster speed. Coupled with lightweight alloy wheels, the hand brakes let you stop the bike almost immediately.

This best beginner bmx bike weighs approximately 40 pounds and measures 57 X 26 X 34 inches (L x W x H). It’s capable of supporting up to 100 pounds of weight.


  • Sturdy and good quality bike for the price
  • Easy to assemble, needing only a spanner (wrench) and Allen wrench
  • Distinctively shaped handlebars
  • Great-looking frame decals


  • Not designed for adult riders
  • A few issues with missing or defective parts

Elite 20” BMX The Stealth Freestyle

Another best entry level bmx bike for kids is the Elite 20” BMX The Stealth Freestyle. It comes with all of the basic components you need for doing tricks and riding on paved and dirt roads.

The high-tensile steel frame with a 1-inch head tube is reinforced with welds, so it can soak up the punishment from rough terrains and performing basic stunts. The Elite BMX allows you to comfortably sit in an upright position, thanks to its 8.75-inch rise bar that’s positioned higher than the adjustable saddle with thick foam padding.

The Elite BMX is relatively light. It only weighs 29.2 pounds. It can accommodate riders who are at least 4’ to 4’5” (120 to 135 centimeters) in height.

Elite BMX used 20 x 2.5-inch tires for this model. The semi-slick tread and subtle siping (tiny slits) across the surface of the tires help you cover more ground and have enough grip going into a corner.


  • A perfect beginner bmx bike for kids who are interested in freestyle biking and occasional off-road riding
  • Simple to put together, requiring only at least two tools, particularly an Allen wrench and pliers
  • Rides really well on smooth and rough roads
  • A lightweight bmx bike for kids


  • The chain keeps coming off
  • A few customers had problems with the pedals, tires, and tubes

TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle

If you like neon green threadless stem and hand grips, you’ll like the TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle. It has a 21-inch frame that’s matte black with neon green accents and authentic Tony Hawk frame decals.

The seatpost comes with an alloy clamp, which allows you to adjust the seat up and down, front to back. The height of the seat at its lowest point is 24 inches from the ground. Since the seatpost is relatively short, it only allows a standover height of up to 31.5 inches.

The Tony Hawk 720 only has a rear U-brake (Promax), which you can engage by using the brake levers on the handlebars. It doesn’t have coaster foot brakes.

The dimensions of this bmx for boys is 7.25 x 24.5 x 51.5 inches. It weighs at around 37 pounds, and it has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds.

This is ideal for kids who are 4’2” to 4’10” tall. It could also accommodate riders who are 5’2” to 5’7” in height, but they might have to stand up most of the time while riding it.


  • Can take a lot of abuse, without showing early signs of wear and tear
  • Easy to customize and replace some parts, like the hand grips
  • Comes with a kickstand and reflectors
  • Works well for an entry-level BMX bike


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Soft or spongy hand brakes (but they don’t really cause serious problems)

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The first thing that’s going to catch your attention when you see the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is its big, fat tires (26 x 4 inches) that are fitted on red, light blue, or black 4-inch wide alloy rims. With these tires, you can easily tackle a wide array of terrains, such as concrete, dirt, gravel, mud, sand, and snow.

Mongoose Dolomite fat tire mountain bike has a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain that’s perfect for light dirt trail riding and urban riding. Its freewheel mechanism and 28-tooth chainring allow you to spin smoothly and produce more power as you coast.

The Mongoose Dolomite measures 56 x 27 x 38 inches (L x W x H), with a maximum weight capacity of approximately 250 pounds. It weighs around 40 to 45 pounds, which feels like carrying 29 iPads.


  • Able to stood up to regular use on rough roads
  • Offers comfortable rides—thanks to its fat tires and overall design/Not as slow as you might think
  • Has enough gears for tackling flat and inclined roads


  • Chain keeps slipping off
  • Handlebars and pedals are too small for most riders

Schwinn Predator Team 24

It’s throwback time!

The Schwinn Predator Team 24 is inspired by the classic design of the legendary 1983 Predator Team 24 BMX freestyle bike. Similar to the original, this modern version has a high-tensile frame with a chrome finish, gum wall tires fitted on alloy rims, and rat trap pedals.

This model features a 15-inch chrome frame with genuine decals. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar, which you can move forward or backward, raise or lower to ensure a comfortable and safe riding position.

The tires are 24 inches and have the classic BMX tread pattern, which features a knobby style that’s suitable for riding on dirt trails, street roads, and parks. (The original Predator Team 24 BMX freestyle bike has 18-inch tires.)

The rear wheel has an 18T (teeth) sprocket, while the front wheel has a 44T sprocket. With these in place, you can have a faster top speed and smoother ride through corners.

This model weighs approximately 40 pounds. It’s suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults who are 4’ to 5’9” in height.


  • Easy to maintain BMX bike, without unnecessary features
  • Great for riding around the neighborhood and a bit of off-road riding
  • Comfortable and rides almost the same as the original Predator Team 24
  • Dependable and sturdy


  • Made of high-tensile steel, which is a common material for low-end or entry-level BMX bicycles
  • The brakes work, but a few people say they feel cheap.

New 2017 Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth

So, your child isn’t ready for a full-on freestyle BMX bike yet. The New 2017 Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth will make a great quality, entry-level BMX bike. It looks really cool, with its glossy black frame and light blue handlebars, fork, seat, and graphics.

The freestyle frame and fork are made from strong and long-lasting high-tensile steel. The seat is adjustable, but the height of the handlebars is fixed. You can only change the distance of the handlebars, that is, bring it closer or away from you.

The 20-inch knobby tires feature a classic BMX tread pattern. They provide great traction in loose gravel, neighborhood streets, and dirt trails.

The Nitrus Complete Youth weighs around 26 pounds. It would fit riders who are at least 4’ to 4’5” tall, or a maximum of 5’4”.


  • Made well for the price
  • Takes only 20 minutes or less than an hour to assemble
  • Relatively safe and sturdy
  • Light enough to be be carried over short distances


  • Too soft and poor quality handle covers
  • Cranks can be difficult to turn at certain positions.

Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle is another entry-level bmx bike for adults and teens that you can add to your to-consider list. Ideally, it’s a good fit for riders who are 5’3” to 5’6” tall and weigh up to 200 pounds (or even up to 250 pounds).

The 20-inch frame is made of high-tensile steel, which is the standard material at this price range. The sturdy fork and cranks, which are both made of cro-moly, are built to last.

Here are the other features of the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle:

  • Headset: 1 1/8-inch integrated sealed
  • Handlebar: 4-piece cro-moly, 8.75-inch rise
  • Stem: Alloy stem 50 millimeters reach
  • Cranks: 3-piece cro-moly crank (170 millimeters)
  • Bottom bracket: Sealed cartridge – 48 spline
  • Sprocket: 25 teeth
  • Tires: 20 x 2.4 inches
  • Brakes: Tektro alloy U-brake (removable)
  • Brake lever: Tektro alloy
  • Pedals: High-density plastic platform
  • Bike weight: Approximately 26 pounds
  • 85% assembled
  • Includes a set of pegs (rear pegs are 14 millimeters, front wheel pegs are 3/8)


  • Feels sturdy and could withstand constant use
  • Has a three-piece crank set, which is stronger (than a one-piece crank set) and allows smoother pedaling
  • Looks beautiful and available in six colors
  • Relatively light and easy to assemble


  • Gears from the hub could bleed
  • Problems with improperly sized pegs and bent pedals

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls is available in five frame sizes and seven colors. For this review, we’re going to focus on the 20-inch model with kickstand.

Putting oil and grease on a bicycle chain is the least of your worries. This 20-inch model comes with an enclosed chain guard to keep dirt and water off the chain.

It doesn’t come with a coaster brake. However, it does have rear and back caliper brakes that provide powerful, dependable stopping power in a variety of conditions.

One of the best things about the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls is its wide and sturdy tires that are fitted on 28-hole wheels. The construction of these tires are comparable to that of tires used for adult mountain bikes.

Note: The recommended tire pressure is 45 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). This is already 95% assembled. All that’s left to assemble are the kickstand, handlebar, reflectors (back and front), pedals, and saddle.


  • It provides smooth rides most of the time.
  • The hand brakes are easy to squeeze.
  • The construction quality and performance are good for the price.
  • Tires are true and don’t wobble.


  • It’s too heavy even for adults.
  • There were a few issues about defective parts.

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike for Beginner or Returning Riders

Mongoose designed the Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike for Beginner or Returning Riders for beginner, casual, and pro level BMX riders. They have this in three colors: black, blue, and red.

The lightweight Tectonic T1 frame (3.11 pounds) is made of aluminum, which is the ideal material for BMX racing. Measuring at 21.75 inches, the top tube feels comfortable, especially when you’re racing.

Aside from the frame, the high-tensile steel fork is another highlight of this lightweight bmx racing bike. Connecting the fork to the frame is an integrated headset, which offers a more streamlined look. Meanwhile, the internal cable routing ensures the cables are protected, while significantly reducing wind drag.

The Title 24 features a 3-piece cro-moly tubular crank set (175 millimeters). Cro-moly, 3-piece cranks are valued for their strength (compared to a one-piece crank) and lesser tendency to spin during tricks.

When fully assembled, this bike weighs around 30 pounds. Mongoose recommends this for riders who are 5’7” or taller, although some riders who are as small as 4’11” fit the bike just fine.


  • Relatively comfortable to ride for short distances
  • Fast, fun, and quite
  • Best for would-be BMX riders who don’t want to pay big for a pro-level BMX bike
  • Wheels are strong enough to support heavy load, mainly due to the double-walled rims and higher spoke count (32 holes on the front wheel and 36 holes on the rear wheel).


  • Uncomfortable and fixed seat
  • Has plastic pedals

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

The Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is a big boy bike. You can buy it for children ages 6 to 10 and weigh up to 105 pounds.

The Dynacraft Magna works well on paved and dirt trails, but it’s not designed for doing complicated stunts. It has a padded black seat that’s adjustable. The handlebar, which is a good distance from the seat, is also adjustable to allow comfortable, even pedal strokes.

There are no handlebar brake levers for this model. It only has a rear coaster brake system, which your child can engage by reverse pedaling.

The Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike weighs approximately 26 to 27 pounds. It has an overall dimension of 35 x 26 x 54 inches.

Other features of this bike include:

  • A 20-inch steel frame with glossy black finish, dark red accents, and graphics
  • Padded handlebar and top tube
  • Kickstand
  • 20 x 1.95 inches tires


  • A good quality BMX bike for kids for such a low price
  • Simple to put together, although first-timers might take longer to do it because there’s no instruction manual
  • The handlebar isn’t too far away from the seat.
  • Gives smooth and fast rides


  • Low-quality tubes
  • Tire loses air gradually due to a manufacturing defect.

Yamaha Moto 16″

If your little ones are into dirt bikes, they’ll love the Yamaha Moto 16″ BMX bike. It really looks like real bmx dirt bikes, from the rider seat to the fenders with Yamaha decals to the pseudo-fuel tank.

The frame of the Yamaha Moto uses steel, which is valued for its ability to absorb road vibrations and durability through time. The handlebar, which is not adjustable, is also made of steel.

Meanwhile, the knobby tires are mounted on 16-inch rims. Since it only has a single-gear, your little ones can enjoy the ride, without worrying about shifting gears.

There are two ways to stop this bike. The front brake is controlled by a brake lever on the left hand grip, while the foot pedals stop the rear wheel.

The Yamaha Moto measures 45.67 x 7.68 x 18.9 inches (L x W x H). It’s a good fit for children (4 to 8 year old) who are 3’3” to 3’7” tall and weigh up to 100 pounds.


  • Equipped with coaster brakes and front brakes
  • Looks great and resembles a mini dirt bike
  • Sturdy enough to withstand rough use
  • Rides smoothly for the price


  • Noisy training wheels (but only if the bike’s going fast)
  • Too heavy to carry by some kids and and even adults

Mongoose Title Junior BMX Race Bike for Beginner Riders

So, you want to get into BMX racing, but you don’t want to shell out a lot of money on the best bmx for beginners. You might want to check out the Mongoose Title Junior BMX Race Bike for Beginner Riders.

For the price, the Title Junior has an impressive Tectonic T1 aluminum frame. It’s light (weighing only at 2.8 pounds) and has good, solid welds. With a top tube length of 19.45 inches, this bike could easily accommodate riders who are 5’ to 5’4” in height.

Another highlight of this bike is its lightweight Arisun XLR8 tires. They feature stiff casings that provide stability, especially during hard cornering. The simplified “V” tread design has a smooth center to allow you to ride faster on the BMX tracks.

Other features of the Title Junior include:

  • Alloy V-brake and brake levers
  • Double-walled rims with aluminum ball bearing front hub
  • 16T (teeth) cog freewheel rear hub
  • Euro cartridge bottom bracket
  • 42T chainring
  • 3-piece tubular cro-moly crank set (160 millimeters)
  • 90% assembled


  • Has a high-quality frame and welds
  • Great for entry-level BMX racing because it’s light
  • Easily put together by novice riders
  • Offers fast and smooth rides


  • Heavy cranks
  • Grating and stiff headset

Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

Whether you want to jump some curbs or ride around the block with your kids, the Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser is up for the job. It’s constructed using full chromoly steel for the frame and fork, making them light, strong, and responsive.

This PL-26 is equipped with the VEE Speedster (26 x 2.125 inches) tires. The center of these tires feature a distinct honeycomb design, which offers great traction. The diamond-shaped knobs on the sides deliver much-needed grip when cornering. To make sure you don’t encounter bending issues, Redline mounted these tires on rims with a double-wall construction.

Other features of the Redline PL-26 include:

  • Headset: Sealed integrated headset, 11/8 size, featuring an aluminum top cap
  • Bottom bracket: Euro sealed bottom bracket
  • Sprocket: 39T Proline alloy sprocket
  • Cog Set: 17T
  • Spokes: 14-gauge stainless steel spokes
  • Brakes: Tektro 930AL linear pull brakes
  • Pedals: Classic bear trap style platform pedals
  • Handlebar: Chromo 7.5″ rise/ 28.5″ wide, chrome finish
  • Seat: Kashimax retro BMX with a 25.44-millimeter aluminum seat post


  • Good for riding on dirt tracks, as well as casual rides around the neighborhood with your kids
  • Smooth bike rides
  • Still light and agile even though it weighs 28 pounds
  • Frame and fork are full cro-moly and have clean welds and great construction


  • Comes with a hard seat, which is really uncomfortable
  • Sprocket adapter won’t fit the 6-millimeter sprocket

FatBoy Mini BMX PRO Model 3pc Crank

Don’t let the size of the FatBoy Mini BMX PRO Model 3pc Crank fool you. This mini BMX bike was constructed to withstand a serious amount of abuse from doing BMX tricks and stunts.

The FatBoy Mini comes with 5-bolt CNC wheels for durability and zero wobble. The heavy-duty, 6-ply tires (10 x 4.10 inches) are perfect for riding on rocky or rough roads. To make sure your back and bottom don’t hurt, FatBoy Mini BMX equipped this bike with a thickly padded seat that’s covered with faux leather.

The stem, which is made from 6061 alloy, has a top load design to slightly raise the height of the handlebar. The edges are shaved to create a lighter feel.

It comes with a 3-piece crankset that features cro-moly arms with a single-pinch bolt construction. It also includes a 25T chainring.


  • Can support most riders of different age groups and sizes
  • Really well-made entry-level bike for kids and adults
  • Easy for kids to put together in just a few minutes (or less than an hour)
  • Built to last many years of use


  • Brakes need tweaking.
  • Front tire doesn’t hold air

How To Choose Good BMX Bikes

Choosing the best bmx bikes for you or your kids can be confusing and frustrating. To help you get started, here are a few things that you can consider when shopping for BMX bikes.

Determine Your Purpose

There are two broad categories of BMX bikes: race BMX bikes and freestyle BMX bikes. What you choose will determine the features you should be looking for in a BMX bike, such as the materials used for its frame and components.

As you might’ve guessed, a race BMX bike is used for racing on asphalt or off-road tracks. Since it needs to be really fast, it needs to be made of lightweight and sturdy materials.

A race BMX bike isn’t designed to withstand the abuses that come with performing tricks and stunts on BMX. If that’s your purpose, you need a freestyle BMX bike. When making the best bmx freestyle bikes, manufacturers use components, materials, and wheels that are durable, while also giving riders lots of flexibility (to fit their riding style) and maneuverability.

Choosing the Right Material

High-tensile (or hi-tensile) steel is the most common material used for low-end or department store BMX bikes. It’s a strong and reliable material, but it’s not as good as its more hi-tech and expensive relative, chromoly steel.

Chromoly is an alloyed steel that’s also known as chromo, cro-moly, CrMo, CroMo, CR-MOLY, CRMO, and chrome-moly. Manufacturers use this type of steel when they need a stronger material than carbon or high-tensile steel.

Chromoly is a good material because it offers superior strength, responsiveness, and good flex (without losing its form) to absorb road vibrations. It can also be butted (made thinner in the middle) to create a bike that’s light and has stronger joints and ends.

When it comes to BMX bikes for racing, the material of choice is aluminum. It’s light, rust-resistant, durable, and stiff (which affects the stability and feel of the bike when sprinting or climbing).

However, if you’re serious about BMX racing, go for carbon fiber frames. They’re typically more expensive, but they’ll last longer. Carbon fiber BMX bikes are popular among the pro BMX racers because they’re lighter, more comfortable (due to their vibration-dampening properties), and less susceptible to fatigue.

Choosing the Correct Bike Frame Size

Unlike the size of the wheels, the frame size of BMX bikes slightly differ to fit the height and riding style of the rider. So, when choosing the correct bike size for your height, use the top tube length as a reference rather than the wheel size.

If it’s possible, buy your bike from a local shop. This gives you the opportunity to try out more models. Get an experienced staff from a local bike shop to accurately measure your height and inseam length to make sure you have a BMX bike that works for you.

Or, if you’re buying online, check the manufacturer’s size chart. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer or seller if you have questions about the correct bike size or other things.

Choosing the Correct Rims and Spokes

The strength of the rims needs to match your riding style and body weight. The rims of freestyle BMX bikes has a standard width of 32 millimeters. They can be single-, double-, or triple-walled.

If you’re going to perform a lot of stunts and tricks and/or ride over extremely rough terrains, choose rims that are at least 36 millimeters wide and double-walled or triple-walled. Remember: Find a good balance between weight and strength, depending on your riding style and size.

Another consideration is the spoke number. As a general rule, the more spokes a wheel has, the stronger (and heavier) it should be.

In most cases, a wheel with 36 spokes is enough for most freestyle BMX riders. For more advanced riders or people on the heavy side, a wheel with 48 spokes is usually preferable.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You also need to determine the type of saddle, crank set, tires, hubs, gears, pedals, handlebar, brake system, and accessories that your BMX bike should have.


Finding really good bmx bikes at a decent price is possible. Buying online or offline has its pitfalls, so always be somewhat cautious and do your research. If you need more help with buying new or used BMX bikes, join online forums or get in touch with BMX clubs to get answers and helpful tips on what to look for or where to buy good-quality BMX bikes.

We hope this article will help you make a more informed buying decision. We’d love to hear your tips and recommendations, so don’t hesitate to leave us your comments below.

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