Best BMX Grips 2020 Review

Bar grips aren’t just bar grips. They’re designed to give you a good grip that makes your BMX bike easier to control, even if your hands are constantly sweaty. In this article, we’ve compiled 12 of the best BMX grips on the market and some helpful buying tips for you to consider.

Grips come in different color, material, size, weight, and special features. All of which have a significant impact on your riding experience and intended purpose. As a result, decisions should be tailored to your needs.

12 Best BMX Grips Review

Before we tell you what to consider when choosing the right grips for your BMX, let’s go through some of the best bmx bike grips out there first. Here they are:

Vans x Cult Flangeless

The Vans x Cult Flangeless was designed by the Cult Crew and manufactured by the American ODI Company, an industry leader in the production of motorcycle and ATV grips.

These cool bmx grips feature the classic Vans® waffle pattern that offers firm grip and maximum comfort to your hand. They’re made from Krayton rubber, which is soft, flexible, heat-resistant, and provides traction.

The Vans x Cult Flangeless grips come with plain black bar ends. They’re 160-millimeter long and can fit any 7/8-inch handlebars.


  • They look cool and stylish on your BMX.
  • They’re easy to install.
  • Feel soft and add thickness to the handlebars
  • Have a cushioning effect to keep your hands comfortable


  • They slip off easily because there are no locks to keep them in place.
  • Compared to other brands, they’re larger.

ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck

The ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck grips offer a few updates for an improved riding experience:

  • The grips, including their outer ends, are made of ODI’s patented soft material, making gripping comfortable. The outer ends are reinforced with stronger plastic for added durability.
  • These grips are equipped with a single-clamp, lock-on system to keep them in place until they’re completely worn out.
  • The flexible rib pattern, which offers even more vibration absorption and comfort, remains the same.

Recommended for the following riding style: BMX, bike park, trail, cross-country, slopestyle, downhill, freeride, dirt jump, all-mountain, and enduro


  • The cushioned surface of these grips feels good on the hands.
  • They don’t become sticky, even if your hands are sweaty.
  • Make big jumps feel softer
  • Don’t usually loosen after months of use


  • Installation can be a struggle.
  • They may last only for a few months if you’re going to use them a lot.

LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips, Non-Slip-Rubber

Firm, good grip, and comfortable: These are just a few words to describe the LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips, Non-Slip-Rubber. They’ll fit any BMX bike with a handlebar measuring 20 to 22 millimeters in diameter (outer).

They’re made of good-quality materials. The grip surface features a cube design that prevents slipping and feels great to touch. To keep the grips secure, a double-aluminum alloy locking system is in place.

These grips are available in four colors: black bmx grips, blue bmx grips, red bmx grips, and white bmx grips.


  • Length: 123 millimeters (5.2 inches)
  • Diameter: 33 millimeters (1.3 inches)
  • Weight: 116 grams (4.1 ounce)

Every package includes:

  • 2 handlebar grips
  • 2 handlebar caps
  • 1 screwdriver


  • Easy to install (except for the end caps)
  • Lock tightly to the handlebar, allowing you to have a firm grip
  • Affordable upgrade to your bike
  • Gives you more confidence to do your stunts because of the gritty pattern


  • Handlebar caps fell off after a few rides
  • Not for aggressive riding

Black-Ops BMX Turbo Grips

Your kids will surely love the color of the Black-Ops BMX Turbo Grips. This product is available in 7 colors, so your kids can choose one that they like best: red, black, blue, purple, green, orange, and white.

These soft bike grips may look simple, but they’re functional. They’re ridged for proper hand placement and to prevent hands or wrists from becoming sore.

The inside diameter of the Black-Ops BMX Turbo Grips is 7/8 inches. The length is around 4 1/2 inches, so they’re quite short.


  • Good size and grip design for kids and teenagers
  • Inner and end flanges don’t interfere with the shifters, hand brakes, or proper hand placement
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Has a built-in ventilation between the ridges of the grip


  • Degrades easily (around a year or two) if left outside in the harsh weather all the time
  • Bars may poke out at the sides during installation or after a while

Odi Longneck ST Handlebar Grip

The Odi Longneck ST Handlebar Grip is proudly made in the United States. The quality of these bmx bar grips speak for themselves.

The grip surface is designed with a collapsible rib pattern to ensure your comfort. The ends of the grips are open to allow the insertion of end plugs. Like what you would expect from ODI grips, these are constructed using their proprietary material for excellent durability and softness.

The Odi Longneck ST Handlebar Grip with flange has a standard size. The diameter of these grips is 7/8 inches, which will fit most handlebars.

The length is 143 millimeters. If you want something shorter, you can cut these grips without any problem.


  • You won’t need gloves because they’re soft and feel nice.
  • The length is just right for your large hands, with enough room for shifters and brakes.
  • The end caps that come with the grips are a great plus.
  • They’re made in the United States.


  • Could be difficult to put on the handlebars
  • Don’t stay in place

OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips

Except for the thickness, the OUTERDO New grips are modeled after the Oury Grip (1990-2010). They’ll fit any standard handlebar that’s approximately 21 millimeters in diameter and 12.5 centimeters in length.

Made of TPR rubber, these OUTERDO grips offer good shock absorption to make sure your hands don’t feel tired and sore after your ride. They’re really a tight fit to prevent slipping.

Each package includes a pair of these handlebar grips. They come in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, and white.


  • Easy to install, if the inside of the grips is properly lubricated
  • Relatively comfortable for grips at this price range
  • Weren’t expensive
  • Cushion the hands well and provide a good surface for the hands to hold, without the sticky feeling


  • Not appropriate for long-distance rides, especially on extremely rough roads, or high-impact stunts
  • The inside of the end of the grips is made of foam.

BV Bike Handlebar Grips, Double / Single Lock-on

The BV Bike Handlebar Grips, Double / Single Lock-on grips will add style to any bike, whether it’s a BMX bike, mountain bike, or folding bike. They’re available in a range of metallic colors, including blue, gold, green, and red, to match the paint scheme of your bike.

The Mayan-inspired grip surface pattern offers relatively stable and comfortable grip. The TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) material absorbs road vibrations and prevents hand fatigue after every medium-length ride.


  • Weight: 104 grams (3.4 ounces)
  • Length: 5.25 inches (133 millimeters)
  • Inner diameter: 0.83 inches (21 millimeters)
  • Outer diameter: 1.30 inches (33 millimeters)


  • Relatively comfortable for short rides (probably around 15 miles)
  • Fit well people with large hands
  • Easy to tighten or loosen using hex keys
  • Seem to be durable for the price


  • Could loosen and spin on the bar
  • Not as shock absorbent as expected

We The People Arrow 146

For the soft handlebar grips, go for the We The People Arrow 146. It’s made of Vex’s latest rubber compound that has a soft, gummy feel that you’ll surely like. What’s even better about this material is it has ten times the durability of a standard Kraton handlebar grip.

The bar ends are nylon, which has a number of advantages. It’s soft, dirt-resistant, and able to keep the grips in place.

The wave-like pattern on the We The People Arrow 146 grips provide traction throughout the grip surface. They have short flanges to provide a snug fit.


  • Length: 5.75 inches (146 millimeters)
  • Diameter: 1.1 inches (28 millimeters)


  • Fit standard handlebars just right
  • Don’t rotate
  • Don’t tore or get worn easily
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Nothing special about the grips’ overall look
  • Only one color option: black


The Cult Vans grips share the same features as the first grips in the list, the Vans x Cult Flangeless grips. These grey bmx grips have the familiar Vans waffle sole pattern that allows a firm and comfortable grip, with adequate vibration dampening.

They’re super soft grips. That’s thanks to ODI’s proprietary Krayton rubber compound.

With their flangeless design, you’ll feel more confident in knowing how far or close your hands are from the ends of the handlebars. Plus, your hands won’t end up landing on the flanges, if you don’t catch the bars normally.


  • Weight: 127 grams (4.5 ounces)
  • Length: 11 inches (279.4 millimeters)
  • Overall dimensions: 17.1 x 7.6 x 4.4 centimeters


  • Feel soft and great on the hands
  • Can be used in the rain
  • One of the best budget BMX grips
  • Don’t see to wear or tear easily


  • They’re a bit difficult to install, but the right lubricant or adhesive (like a hairspray) will greatly help.
  • Not an ideal choice for long trips, especially if you don’t wear gloves

Oury Original BMX Grips

The Oury grips are one of the most go-to grips by beginners and pros. They’re manufactured using a soft rubber compound, which is molded into a waffle style pattern to provide a good grip and an excellent control.

These comfortable bike grips have a closed end on one of their sides for a full cover. The high flanges on their inner ends give you the benefit of using the full grip and stop you from grabbing the brakes.

Their simple yet brightly colored design is certain to be a great addition to your BMX bike. They’re available in black, blue, light green, orange, pink-violet, purple, red, white, and yellow.


  • Weight: 115 grams (4.1 ounces)
  • Length: 4.49 inches (114 millimeters)
  • Inner diameter: 7/8 inch (22.2 millimeters)
  • Outer diameter: 1.19 inches (30.2 millimeters)


  • Soft handlebars grips and don’t cause blisters
  • Prevent slippage
  • Can withstand relatively rough use
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your bike


  • No bar ends bmx
  • May need something, like a super glue, to keep them firmly in place

SE Wing

It’s easy to spot the cool-looking SE Wing grips. Just look for the iconic ‘SE Racing’ winged logo that’s emblazoned in the center.

These mushroom bmx hand grips feature a ribbed design and raised outer flanges to shield the sides of your hands. They’re constructed using Pruven Kraton rubber that feel super soft and comfortable. They have an open-ended design with color-matching rubber end plugs.

If you don’t like these grips in black, they’re available in three other colors: blue, red, and white. They’re perfect for different types of SE bikes, including the Big Ripper, the Blocks Flyer, the So Cal Flyer, and the Big Flyer.


  • Weight: 153.1 grams (5.4 ounces)
  • Length: 5.31 inches (135 millimeters)


  • They’re high-quality grips, despite the low price tag.
  • They’re soft and comfortable.
  • They fit the handlebars properly (if they’re wet inside).
  • They’re stylish and have a clean look.


  • They’re longer than the usual grips.
  • They have flanges (completely up to your personal preference).

Kutrick Handle Bar Grips 145mm Soft Flangeless Longneck

The “Lisa Frank” of the bike grips world, the Kutrick Handle Bar Grips 145mm Soft Flangeless Longneck will make your bike stand out from the crowd. Children will surely love their colorful and cute design.

The grip surface features an evenly-spaced rib design to allow a firm grip, without compromising your comfort. These flangeless grips are made of thermoplastic rubber, which is an ideal material because it’s lightweight, tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and a good vibration dampener.

You can use these for any amateur or pro BMX bikes or scooters, such as Razor Ultra Pro and VOKUL Pro Scooters.


  • Weight: 22.7 grams (0.8 ounce)
  • Length: 5.7 inches (145 millimeters)
  • Diameter: 0.91 inch (2.3 centimeters)


  • Colorful and look good on any handlebar
  • Make it easy to spot your bike from other bikes
  • Comfortable and feel good on the hands
  • Easy to install


  • The included bar ends could easily fall off or tear after light use.
  • Not available in other colors

How To Choose Good BMX Grips

As what we’ve pointed out earlier, this all comes down to a person’s needs and unique preferences. But, with hundreds of BMX grips on the market, finding the right pair can be difficult to do. In many cases, you have no choice but to check out different brands, designs, and models until you find the best bike grips.

Here are a few things to think about when narrowing down your options.

Flangeless Grips Versus Flanged Grips

A flange is piece of rounded rubber or other material that surrounds the inside edge of a BMX grip. It can be short and thick at the end, such as the OUTERDO New Handlebar grips, or tall and thin. Most traditional BMX grips have flanges, but in recent years, flangeless grips have grown in popularity for a number of reasons.

What makes flangeless grips or flanged grips good choices?

Let’s talk about the traditional flanged grips first. People seem to have a love and hate relationship with this type of BMX grip. Some people love having flanges because they prevent their hands from accidentally slipping off the handlebars. They also protect the hands from minor injuries. Lastly, they encourage proper hand placement.

Now, let’s go to the popular flangeless grips. Here are a few reasons many people love them:

  • The first obvious benefit of flangeless grips is there’s lots of room for your hands.
  • There are are no flanges that are going to mess up your stunts that would require you to take your hands off the handlebars, like when you’re doing a bar spin.
  • Grips also look better without flanges (which is a matter of personal preference).
  • Plus, some people hurt their thumbs when they rub against the flanges.

Okay, let’s make things easier for you. If you’re going to do stunts, such as bar spins and the tuck no hander, you might want to consider flangeless grips. If you’re going to do racing, dirt jumping, or slopestyle biking, flanged grips might be a better choice.

Narrow Grips Versus Wide Grips

The size of your hands will obviously affect your choice. If you have small hands, you might find narrow grips more comfortable, especially in the long-term. If you have large hands and usually race or ride on steep, rough terrains, you may like wider bike handle bar grips better.

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s important to find a “sweet spot” for the width or thickness of the grips that you buy. If it’s too wide, the muscles of your hands could be stretched too much and cause fatigue. If it’s too narrow, you won’t have a firm grip around the bars and have less control when doing stunts or tricks.

Why use narrow grips? Aside from they’re great for smaller hands, narrow grips provide you with more pulling strength. This in turn provides you with the best stopping power.

When it comes to wider grips, the popular belief is they reduce the vibrational energy that goes through the handlebars to your hands and arms. This translates to increased comfort on your part. Another benefit of wide grips is they make it a lot easier to handle aggressive stunts or tricks.

A problem many BMX bike, dirt bike, or mountain bike riders experience is arm pump. This happens when there’s blood congestion, which causes blood from the heart to back up. In most cases, using wider grips with a good amount of padding will make a big difference.

Lock-On Grips Versus Push-On Grips

Lock-on grips gained favor from many riders because they’re generally easy to secure to or remove from the handlebars. You can tighten or loosen the metal collar or clamp, which can be found at one end or both ends of the grip, in small increments by simply using an Allen key.

They’re not like slip-on grips, which are prone to slipping or rotating, especially when the weather’s hot or rainy or your hands become sweaty. This is an important consideration if you’re going to subject your bike to harsh weather conditions or rough trails.

As expected, lock-on grips aren’t perfect. Compared to slip-on grips, they tend to be heavier and more expensive. They can also be more uncomfortable, at least for riders who usually like to rest their hands on the edges of their bike’s handlebars.

Slip-on grips can be a pain to install. Many riders spray or apply rubbing alcohol, hair spray, glue, or other adhesives to the insides of the of the grips. In that way, it’s easier to slide them into the handlebars and ensure a secure fit.

Of course, they also have their upsides. For one, they cost almost half the price of most bmx lock on grips. They’re comfortable and conforming to the shape of the handlebars. And, since they don’t have locking collars, your hands get to enjoy more usable grip surface.

The Type of Material

What’s the best material for BMX grips: rubber, foam, or silicone?

Rubber Grips: Overall, they’re comfortable, tough, and shock absorbent. Some companies offer dual-compound grips that consist of two types of rubber—the inner sleeve is usually made of hard rubber to maintain the shape of the grip, while the outer sleeve is made of a softer rubber to make sure the grip feels good to hold.

Foam Grips: The biggest advantage of foam grips is their light weight. That’s not all. They have a spongy feel and suede-like texture that effectively absorb vibration and provide a comfortable grip. The downside is they usually absorb sweat, giving that icky feeling, especially when you’re not wearing gloves.

Silicone Grips: Just like foam grips, silicone grips are soft and light, but they have greater vibration absorption capabilities. They also provide a good grip, especially when they’re wet. They’re a good choice, if you don’t mind them tearing quite easily.

The Grip Patterns

Good-quality grips have grip patterns that ensure your hands will stay firmly in place, regardless of the weather or your riding style. Probably one of the most popular grip patterns is the Vans “waffle” pattern, which is a favorite of many downhill (DH) and freeride (FR) riders. Other grip patterns are knobby, ribbed, or have raised surface and holes for maximum control.

Again, this is ultimately a matter of personal preference. To make sure you have an outer grip surface that provides good traction and is comfortable at the same time, try testing a few grips in person before picking one that fits your needs.

This isn’t exactly an exhaustive list. There are more things that you need to think about when shopping for new BMX grips, such as the bar ends, color, design, size and proportions, your purpose (race, dirt, freestyle, street, and park BMX riding), and your budget, just to name a few.


The grips are one of the most essential parts of any bike. That’s why we understand how important it is for you to buy a pair that’s reasonably priced, of good quality, and meets your requirements. If you don’t have the time to do an extensive research (which is a must), you can never go wrong with buying from trusted brands, such ODI, Éclat, and Odyssey.

We really hope this article gave the information you need to make an informed buying decision. If you have helpful buying tips or go-to brands for bmx grips amazon, we’d like to hear from you!

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