Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle BMX Bike Review

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle is possibly one of the best bmx bikes in its price range. It comes with the features you need for performing stunts on the street, dirt, and park. Read on to find more about the Destro.

Features and Specifications

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle has a few standout features that you can’t find on other BMX bikes in its price range. These are 3-piece cranks with 48-spline and a chromoly 4-piece handlebar.

Chromoly 3-Piece Cranks

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle features a 3-piece crank with 48-spline, which are suitable for beginner and pro riders. Made from 100% chromoly, these parts are generally light and strong, so they can withstand the abuse of relatively heavy riding.

Chromoly 4-Piece Handlebar

You won’t find this handlebar flexing under load because it’s made of strong and stiff chromoly steel. It has a 4-piece design to make sure it gets out of the way, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your knees while riding.

The handlebar offers a rise of 8.75 inches to accommodate tall riders (ideally around 5’6” to 5’10” in height). Because it’s a tall handlebar, it helps you maintain good posture to prevent cramps and back pains.

It has a short stem with a 50-millimeter reach. With this, the Destro feels more responsive, and it’s easier to perform front-end tricks, such as bar spins.

Hi-Tensile Steel Frame

The frame isn’t chromoly. It’s made of hi-tensile steel, which is a great option for people who want a bike with a durable frame for low-impact, less dangerous BMX tricks, without breaking the bank.

Like the Elite 20 BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle, the Destro’s frame (top tube) is 20 inches long. So, whether you’re 4’9” or 5’10”, this bike should be comfortable.

Remember: This is a trick bike, not a regular road bike. Depending on your preference, the best way to know if it’s the correct size is to see how you feel on the bike. Does it allow you to be on a stretched position or an upright position?

20 Inches Wide Tires

The front and rear tires measure 20 by 2.4 inches. Fat tires aren’t exactly fit for racing, but they’d make great shock absorbers, especially as you land those big jumps or go over potholes or speed bumps.

The Destro has extra-strong, double-walled wheels, with the front wheel fitted into a chromoly fork. The wheel hubs are sealed to protect them from dirt and water when you’re riding in the rain or dirt roads.

25/9 Destro Gearing

Running a 25/9 (25-tooth sprocket and 9-tooth driver) gearing offers a number of benefits. For instance, it allows you to go really fast (if without the fat tires).


  • Bike weight: 26.2 pounds
  • Maximum load capacity: Approximately 250 pounds
  • Brakes (removable): Tektro Alloy U-brake (with Tektro alloy brake lever)
  • Sprocket/Driver: 25T/9T
  • Adjustable seat: Yes
  • Pedals: Hi-density plastic platform
  • Bottom bracket: Sealed 48T spline
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ integrated sealed
  • Assembly: 85% assembled, comes with assembly tools
  • Includes 1 set of pegs

The Good

Good Quality for the Price

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle is a mid-range BMX bike. It already comes with components that you’ll normally find in a more expensive model: double-walled rims, chromoly-made parts (the cranks, handlebar, and fork), and 48 spline.

For the price, it’s a great beginner BMX bike. However, if you need an even more less expensive option with an impressive quality, there are several options out there, such as the Mafiabikes Kush 2 20 inch BMX Bike Graphite.

Badass-Looking Bike

The Destro is a compliment magnet because of its great color options. There’s the ‘Grey’ model that’s paired with metallic purple rims. If your kid wants an army-themed BMX bike, the ‘Army Camo’ would be a good choice. According to some consumers, this bike gets a lot of compliments because it looks cool.

Stable and Sturdy

Consumers who weigh around 220 to 250 pounds didn’t have problems riding the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle around the city or on the track. It feels really sturdy and offers stable and comfortable rides.

The Destro was designed for budget-conscious shoppers. Click below to get yours today.


The Bad

Wide-Tired BMX Bike

A fat tire BMX bike looks cool, but it’s not without disadvantages. The chunky tires would require you to put in more effort to make the bike go faster or lift it to do tricks. Also, it won’t be easy to transport. Although some consumers do say the Destro is lighter than they expected.

If you don’t like BMX bikes with fat tires, there’s a ton of BMX bikes with slimmer tires out there that you can consider. Take the Dynacraft Browning Men’s Leather Slug Belt as a good example.

A Few Defective Parts

There were a few complaints about certain defective parts, most commonly the rear hub. Some also feel the pegs are the wrong size and not meant for grinding. One also warned about the inner tubes of the tires lasting only a few weeks.

Plastic Pedals

There’s really nothing wrong with the plastic pedals of the Destro. However, since they’re made of plastic, not metal, it’s hard to imagine them holding up to the abuse of freestyle BMX riding.

Of course, plastic pedals have their advantages. They’re usually light and cost significantly less to replace.

Who Is It For?

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle is for people who are looking for a beginner bike that won’t cost a ton of money. It’s great for kids and “older kids” (a.k.a. teenagers and adults), as long as they don’t weigh more than the recommended weight limit and are able to move freely and ride it comfortably.


As expected, the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle has its drawbacks (which you need to seriously consider). However, majority of consumers feel it’s worth the buy because it’s sturdy, easy to ride, and relatively light. Of course, let’s not forget that it’s available in different cool-looking colors and designs.

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