Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle BMX Bike Review

There are many good bmx bikes for entry-level riders out there. One of them is the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle. If you’re thinking of buying a new BMX bike for your children (or you), this article will tell you what you need to know about The Stealth.

Features and Specifications

As a starter freestyle BMX bike, the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle is ideally used for simple stunt and trick riding on different terrains—at a skate park, in the street, and on light dirt tracks. Some of its good features include a top-load stem, rear brake, chromoly cranks, and of course, cool aesthetic.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

Extra Wide Tires

The Elite BMX Stealth has 20 inches (diameter) by 2.5 inches (width) tires, which work well on both the street and dirt. The tires’ wide design—plus their smooth center tread and soft rubber material—allows them to roll fast and provide smooth rides. Meanwhile, the micro-knurled surface with a directional tread design provides extra grip.

Note: You can inflate the tires to around 40-60 PSI.

Hi-Tensile Steel, Reinforced Frame

Elite BMX constructed The Stealth Freestyle to handle rugged terrain and simple BMX tricks. (Using it for extreme stunts, like a 10-foot dirt jump, might not be a good idea, though.) The welds of the 20-inch, hi-tensile steel frame are reinforced to absorb the impact from doing stunts and tricks.

Adjustable Saddle

Having the right saddle height is important to avoid injury, pedal more efficiently, and ride more comfortably. The Stealth allows for saddle height adjustability to accommodate riders of different riding style and height. This would fit you perfectly even if you’re 5’6”, and it still has room to grow.

Note: Adjusting the height of the seat might restrict bike performance.

Alloy Top-Load Stem

A BMX bike with a front-load stem, like the Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids, Children and Beginner-Level Riders, definitely has its advantages. However, with over an inch of extra rise, you’ll be surprised at how a BMX bike with a top-load stem can make a difference in your riding.

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle is equipped with an alloy top-load stem with a 50-millimeter reach. This makes it suitable for riders who are tall or notorious for front-wheel hard landings.

Chromoly 1-Piece Cranks

The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike and other BMX bikes with a 3-piece crank set are considered stronger than a 1-piece crank set. That’s not always the case, though, especially with the Elite BMX Stealth. It’s equipped with a 1-piece crank set that’s made of chromoly, which is known for its high strength and rigidity.


  • Bike weight: 29.2 pounds
  • Brake lever: Alloy Stealth
  • Brakes: Alloy Cease U-brake
  • Bottom bracket: Unsealed American, 19 millimeters
  • Cranks: 1-piece chromoly, 170 millimeters
  • Frame: 20-inch, hi-tensile steel
  • Fork: Hi-tensile steel, 1 1/8-inch
  • Headset: Standard unsealed, 1 1/8-inch
  • Handlebars: Hi-tensile steel, 8.75-inch rise
  • Hub: F 3/8 & R 14 millimeters, freewheel
  • Pedals: Threads plastic platform, 1/2-inch
  • Sprockets: 25-tooth
  • Stem: Alloy top-load, 50 millimeters reach
  • Driver: 9-tooth
  • Not included: Kickstand, reflectors, and assembly tools
  • Comes with a set of grinding pegs

The Good

A Well-Made Starter BMX Bike

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle costs under $500, so we don’t really expect it to perform like a high-end BMX bike. However, for the price, the overall quality of its construction is impressive.

Some consumers were able to use the Stealth to go off-road riding and gave it a lot of abuse. It held up just fine, although it does dent quite easily.

It’s Good for The Young and The Old

Kids, teenagers, and adults can ride the Stealth, as long as they don’t weigh more than 250 pounds. We wouldn’t recommend it for someone taller than 6 feet, but it would fit people who are around 4’11” to 5’6” without problems.

Sturdy Yet Lightweight

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle weighs more than the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle. However, the weight is evenly distributed, so many people feel it’s light. You could probably still carry it around despite it weighing 29 pounds.

Strong, light, and easy to use, discover the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle today.


The Bad

Doesn’t Come with Assembly Tools

A few people say it needs many tools to assemble. It doesn’t also help that it didn’t come with instructions.

However, majority of people managed to put it together under an hour, despite the lack of an instruction manual. The most important tools you should have on hand are a couple of wrenches and Allen wrenches.

Not Built for Extreme Stunts

You could do a few basic tricks or stunts on the Stealth. However, it’s not designed for extreme tricks, like the “Pedal Death Truck” or doing a barspin while high up in the air. If ever you decide to get serious about BMX, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money for a pro level bike.

Great Bike with a Few Flaws

It’s a well-made BMX bike, but it’s not without its fair share of problems. Some feel the reinforced welds look “amateurish.” Others complained about the pedals because of lack of grip.

Who Is It For?

The Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle is built for young and older riders, but it’s geared more towards the younger population (around 10 to 14 years old, weighing 250 pounds or less). It’s for someone who only does basic BMX stunts and tricks, or someone who wants to take short cruises around the city or beach.


The Elite BMX Stealth isn’t the best on the market. However, for an entry-level BMX bike costing under $500, most consumers feel it’s worth the money.

It looks good. It’s relatively sturdy, but it’s not as strong as a BMX bike with chromoly-made components. It has great balance and provides smooth rides.

As expected, it has a few downsides, such as the poor quality welds and pedals. That’s why, if ever your child (or you) decides to go serious about freestyle BMX riding, it might be best to upgrade to a higher-end bike.

Overall, the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle is a good entry-level BMX bike.

The Elite BMX Stealth is a well-made starter bike for the young and not-so-young riders. Make your order today!


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