Our Team

Philipp Baum

Date Of Birth: 17.08.1992
Hometown: Ludwigsfelde, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES, Odysseybmx, Nike support
Favorite place to ride: My own dirtspot

Markus Braumann

Date Of Birth: 02.08.1984
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES, Sport Import, VANS, DEV
Favorite place to ride: Mellowpark

Björn Heyer

Date Of Birth: 02.09.1982
Hometown: Oldenburg, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES / Sport Import
Favorite place to ride: Anywhere with the right people

Simon Moratz

Date Of Birth: 05.06.1990
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES, Sport Import, Monster Energy, Troyan Gloves, Osiris Shoes, Actionpro Cameras
Favorite place to ride: Peynier Trails / France

Dan Oswald

Date Of Birth: 26.04.1993
Hometown: Dresden, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES, Saltplus, Shokomonk, Titus Dresden Skatehalle Dresden

Adrian Warnken

Date Of Birth: 24.06.1992
Hometown: Ratingen, Germany
Sponsors: FELT BIKES, Dev., Alliance BMX
Favorite place to ride: Our trails in summer, the Indoor park in Aurich in wintertime

Tobias Wicke

Date Of Birth: 07.06.1982
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Sponsors: RedBull, Vans, Sport Import, Schwalbe Tires, Dotz Wheels and Alex Rims
Favorite place to ride: 100% Mellowpark

Timm Wiegmann

Date Of Birth: 21.6.1982
Hometown: Aurich/Ostfriesland, Germany
Favorite place to ride: Skate hall Aurich, the streets of any city with palm trees and sunshine